Languages & Culture talents

Programs include;

  • Encourage the integration and embrace of diverse languages and cultures.
  • Encourage persons of all walks of life to learn at least one or more additional languages other than those they currently speak.
  • Develop and implement programs that link opportunities to the ability to communicate in different languages as well as the ability to harmoniously interact with diverse cultures.
  • Identify, support and promote language translators as a means of encouraging others to break the language barriers.
  • Organizing Mentorship and training programs for persons determined to break the language barriers.
  • Developing collaborations that enable upcoming language and culture enthusiasts to undergo training and mentorship in the hands of established enthusiasts.
  • Seconding persons talented in breaking language and culture barriers for support, recruitment and/or exchange programs by or in consultations with partnering/ collaborating national and/or international organizations based on the shared desire to promote the harmonious breaking of language and culture barriers.
  • Arrange direct support and where necessary through collaborations for persons determined to break the language barriers, and make follow-ups to monitor their progress.
  • Organizing shows and recognition events for persons talented in breaking the language and culture barriers.
  • Promoting talents in breaking the language and culture barriers as a support mechanism for such talents.
  • Encourage acquaintances of persons across the world who are similarly interested in breaking the language and culture barriers, and where necessary and possible the formation of, or if already existing join local, regional, national or international umbrella organizations or social and professional groups or online platforms to promote the growth of this talent.