About Us

Talent Search Foundation (TSF) is non-governmental organization which is committed to helping change lives through the discovery and support of talents, and currently operational in the East and Central Africa region. A talent is natural gift, usually in the form of a skill, ability, aptitude, capacity, knack, genius, brilliance, cleverness, virtuosity, artistry…name it all.  

Have you ever wondered how much resources and efforts we spend on imparting our children with conventional education? Think of mathematics, chemistry, biology, physics, etc. The financial resources and human efforts that are focused towards this conventional education are profoundly colossal. Not that there is anything wrong with conventional education, it’s all good and necessary but quite often we forget that God has gifted each person on this planet in one way or the other. Generation after generation the world has witnessed fellow human beings with some very extraordinary abilities. The world has witnessed gifted singers, runners, footballers, actors/actresses, speakers, writers, scholars, builders, designers, reporters, leaders, entertainers, organizers, fashion models, inventors, businessmen/women, doctors, engineers, skydivers and drivers among the many others not mentioned herein.

Through the use of their God-given talents, many people, especially the youthful generations have tremendously changed the quality of the life they live and those of their families, loved ones and the society at large. While conventional education is necessary, it’s important that as human beings we also focus and purpose to discover or rediscover, nurture and support these special abilities that are hidden in us. This is especially true for the youthful people. For those who have been lucky enough to discover, nurture and benefit from their talents, they are living testimonies that both conventional education and God-given talents are complimentary. They empower in unison and the end result is a better quality of life. The process of conventional education should be a breeding ground for the discovery of talent. Learners should be exposed to different curricular and extracurricular activities which enable them discover the hidden power of transformation in them. Perhaps the question we should seek to answer at this point is; Are we doing enough to help our people, especially the youthful generation discover their talents? Are exceptionally gifted people being failed by our education systems? Are we doing enough to support and nurture exceptionally gifted people to realize the dreams and benefits of their talents? This is where TSF and you come in to ensure that we identify, nurture and support talents at all levels and that the in and out of schooling systems are properly structured to help people discover and nurture their talents, and eventually transform their lives, their families and the society at large.

The MOST POWERFUL TOOL at the disposal of every child of this universe is his or her GOD-GIVEN ABILITY to do SOMETHING in a spectacular way. While others achieve ordinary success in the ‘something’, the talented/gifted person will achieve extraordinary success in the same. There is no better gift to give to this talented/gifted person than to help him or her transform this talent/gift into a beneficial enterprise.