What We Do

Talent Search Foundation (TSF) works closely with all like-minded institutions that place a premium on talents as a source of society advancement. We believe that every talent discovered and nurtured to success is gigantic step towards the empowerment of humanity and eventually improve the quality of life. Our activities include;

  • We liaise with Schools, vocational training institutions, colleges, universities, religious organizations, community-based organizations, NGOs, youth movements, organized women groups, businesses, leaders, government and members of the community  to promote the discovery of pupils/students/teachers with extraordinary talents through organizing or participating in activities such as arts, drama, music, movies, cultural festivals, sports such as athletics, football, basketball, tennis, racing, games, etc., science congresses, competitive innovations and practical education sessions, cookery,  mass media, farming, practical life skills, seminars, conferences, debating, writting and presentations among others.
  •  We work closely with like-minded institutions such as corporations, NGOs, governments, businesses, multinationals, training institutions and professionals to seek ways and means by which highly talented persons can be facilitated to pursue and actualize their special talents. Where possible such institutions can sponsor beneficiaries to realize their full potential.
  • We contact and discuss with unemployed people how talents can be used to change their fortunes for the better.
  • We approach and discuss with homeless persons and street children how talents can be used to radically transform their lives for the better.
  • We see to empower orphans and extremely vulnerable children by discovering and helping them nurture their talents to fruition.
  • We liaise with professionals who can adopt and train (and if possible voluntarily) a person with immense potential of positively changing lives through a specific talent.
  • Where possible Talent Search Foundation may directly financially support partly or in totality a potential candidate to pursue his/her talent.
  • At Talent Search Foundation we are open to any other suggestions from any like-minded persons, organizations, corporations, institutions or governments on how we can work closely and enhance use of talents to improve the quality of life.