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We at Talent Search Foundation (TSF) are pleased and most honoured to welcome you to work with us in “Changing lives through talents: We Discover, nurture and support talents.

*The most powerful tool at the disposal of every child of this universe is his or her GOD-GIVEN ABILITY to do SOMETHING in a spectacular way.

*While others achieve ordinary success in the ‘something’, the talented/gifted person will achieve extraordinary success in the same.

*There is no better gift to give to this talented/gifted person than to help him or her transform this talent/gift into a beneficial enterprise.

*We are open-minded and always willing and ready to listen to ideas and suggestions from as many friends as possible.

*We believe in the unity of purpose for a for a win-win outcome.

*Even helping others actualize their talents is also a ‘talent’. You are also talented.

  • You can join us in many ways including but not limited to:
  • Sharing ideas
  • Physically working with us on the ground on various projects as a volunteer, employee or consultant
  • Facilitating exchange programs
  • Offering mentorships to talented persons in the line of your passion
  • Resources mobilization (including funding, materials & equipment)
  • Offering study scholarships for talented persons
  • Offering training scholarships for talented persons
  • Offering to support a certain program that is in line with your passion
  • Recommending Talent Search Foundation to a potential partner
  • Mobilizing collaborations
  • Absorbing talents that we discover and recommend
  • Joining us to actualize your talent
  • Volunteering information
  • Being supportive of our activities
  • And ofcourse being a friend to Talent Search Foundation
  • Should you purpose to contact us, use the following contact person information or simply fill the inquiry form below and we shall respond ASAP.

Contact Person: Charles;


                                              Tel & WhatsApp: +254720100768