Korean Learning Program


Facilitating Kenyans, East Africans and Africans at large to access Educational, Work and Business Opportunities in South Korea through the Korean Language Learning and Relocation Program. 

What does the program do? 

The program helps interested applicants to first learn basic Korean Language, identify educational, work, business or tour opportunities and thereafter travel or temporarily relocate to South Korea to pursue the identified opportunities.  

Specifically the program; 

  • Helps applicants learn basic (Level 1) Korean language as a prerequisite for engaging the South Korean society, 
  • Secure their admissions in South Korean colleges, universities and other vocational training institutions, 
  • Facilitate acquisition of travel visas by applicants, 
  • Organize their travel to South Korea and accommodations on arrival in South Korea, 
  • Once the applicants are in South Korea, the program, in collaboration with the South Korea Government and the Kenya Government (through the Ministry of Foreign and Diaspora Affairs) or the respective applicants’ origin government if not Kenyan, monitors the wellbeing and progress of program beneficiaries, 
  • Keeps up-to-date records of program beneficiaries through the planned Korea Language Learning Program’s Liaison Office in Seoul, the Capital City of South Korea.  

What opportunities are available in South Korea for applicants? 

South Korea has a highly developed high-income mixed economy that is currently the 5th largest economy in Asia and the 13th largest in the world. South Korea is notable for its rapid economic growth in a few generations. This astonishing South Korea rapid economic growth has quite often been described as the Miracle on the Han River. Kenya, EAC countries and Africans in general can learn a lot from this Miracle on the Han River by interacting with the beautiful hardworking people of the Republic of South Korea.  

Main sectors of the South Korean economy offering great opportunities for the applicants include

Electronics, Automobile industry, Information Technology, Mining, Shipbuilding, Agriculture & Agro-processing, Education, Constructions/Engineering, Tourism/Hospitality industry and Businesses among others. 

What do I need to join and benefit from the South Korea Program? 

To join the South Korea Program; 

  • You MUST fill and submit the official application forms. (Forms can be downloaded from our website or picked from our offices in Nairobi. 
  • You MUST submit all required documents including identification documents. 
  • You MUST register and enrol for the Basic (Level 1) Korean Language Learning Classes at our Korean Language Learning Centres.  
  • You MUST pass the Basic (Level 1) Korean Language Test. 

For More information on the program open webpage https://talentsearchfoundation.org/project-9/ or contact us via lawson@talentsearchfoundation.org / justlawson5@gmail.com or charles@talentsearchfoundation.org  / ckimringine@gmail.com or +44 7832 961 959 (Lawson), +254 720 100 768 (Charles) 

**Note: Talent Search Foundation (TSF) is a Non-Governmental Organization duly registered in the Republic of Kenya.