Cookery talents

Programs include;

  • Organizing Mentorship programs for persons talented in Cookery.
  • Developing collaborations that enable upcoming Cookery talents to undergo training in the hands of established Cookery experts.
  • Champion and support efforts to discover and bring to the limelight potential talents in Cookery.
  • Seconding persons talented in Cookery for support by partnering/collaborating organizations based on the shared desire to promote talents.
  • Organizing shows, exhibitions and competitions where necessary and possible for persons talented in Cookery.
  • Promoting talents in Cookery as a support mechanism for such talents.
  • Collaborate, follow-up and offer/arrange for support for persons talented in Cookery.
  • Promoting upcoming talents in in Cookery.
  • Organizing exchange programs with national and/or international partners/collaborations for persons talented in Cookery.
  • Encourage acquaintances of persons across the world who are similarly talented in Cookery specializations, and where necessary and possible the formation of, or if already existing join local, regional, national or international umbrella organizations or social and professional groups or online platforms to promote the growth of this talent.