Project 8

Village to National Bicycle and Motorcycle racing program

Target Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan (Gradually the project will be scaled up to other countries).   

Task: Identify and recruit into the project cycling and motorcycle enthusiasts willing to take part in the competitions in as many counties as possible,  Develop Village to National Bicycle and Motorcycle racing committee in every county, train the committees, Organize county based cycling and motorcycle racing events. Organize national cycling and motorcycle racing once the county events are reasonably operational. Recognize and reward best performances. Create a forum for cycling and motorcycle racing enthusiasts.

Background Information

Bicycles and motorcycles are widely used in Kenya and all the countries in East and Central Africa. Both are extensively used for commercial transport and they turn out to be one of the subsectors of the economy that created massive jobs for the youth, most of who were jobless. In addition to their use for private and commercial transport, it would be a wonderful idea to organize cycling and motor racing competitions to give these young and energetic men and women an opportunity to display their masterly of the machines, some of whom will emerge as very polished cycling and motor racing contestants to participate in other competitive cycling and motor racing events. There are so many fans of these races deep in our villages but unless we invite them to participate and compete…we shall never know and appreciate them. Others could as well progress and become national and international champions.

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