Project 7

Gardeners and Landscapers of the Year Contest (Garde-La-Ye-Co program)

Target Countries: Kenya. (Gradually the project will be scaled up to other countries)

Task: Identify individuals with passion for gardening and landscaping who are willing to participate in the project and gather information related to their geographical locations within the country, Discuss with each of the participants their intended project, Orient them to all the stages of the gardening and landscaping project including posting project photos at various stages, Commission them to begin their projects, Arrange visitations to the participants project sites during which judges will make assessments, organize the Gardeners and Landscapers annual event/festival,  recognize and present awards to the best performances, enlist participants  in a forum of other gardening and landscaping enthusiasts. This process will be repeated annually and lessons leant will be utilized to fine-tune the annual event.

Background Information

Everybody wants to live and operate in a wonderful green, flowery,  watery and fresh air environment. How can this be possible if we do not identify and support special people amongst us who are gifted with admirable gardening and landscaping abilities. Whether it’s at home, hotels/restaurants/pubs, workplace, institutions, roads and public or private parks…we all want to interact with the best of nature. For this reason, and in particular if you admire the above described living and operating environment, let us come together to support those with Gardening and Landscaping talents. Interested and passionate contestants will be encouraged to register for the program, which includes describing their current living/working environment (including geographical location), describing what they intend to do (Gardening and Landscaping project), the duration of such a project and the commitment to keep up with taking and posting photos of their project from ‘Ground zero’ (the start) to ‘Paradise’ (the end), arranging for visitations by the Judges/assessors and eventually acceptance of the conclusions made by the judges. The climax of this annual exercise will be a Garde-La-Ye-Co festival during which the contestants will be paraded and progressive photos of their gardening/landscaping projects will be displayed for perusal by invited guests and with help of judges best performances will be Announced, Recognized and Awarded.

Target Countries: Kenya. (Gradually the project will be scaled up to other countries)

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