Project 3

Professionalization and Commercialization of ordinary games played across East and Central Africa. Target Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan

Task1:Identify and summarize ordinary games played across East and Central Africa.

Task2:Develop groups of players in different geographical locations across East and Central Africa in readiness for inter-regional competitions.

Task3:Organize inter-regional competitions/festivals to identify talents and possible interventions necessary to grow the games, promote their adoption in other regions and lay the ground for possible internationalization of such games.

Task4:Embark on a campaign targeted at among others National, Regional and International sports bodies to ensure acceptability, adoption and inclusion of the said games in the official lists of competitions supported by such games.

Task5:Encourage the National, Regional and International sports bodies, and other persons or institutions interested in sports to support and fund the development of the games in question.

Background information: Across this region, there are many games that are played by both young and old just to pass time, yet these games involve a great deal of concentration, practice, devotion, effort and mental ability. These games have the potential to lead to self-actualization on the part of the players, lead to income generation, reduce unemployment, contribute to economies, Contribute to peaceful coexistence in our communities, contribute to a better natural environment, widen the scope of games currently recognized world-wide and above all contribute to our happiness as a people. Simply stated, professionalizing and commercializing these ordinary games will provide a lifeline to millions of participants and fans. By organizing local, national and international  competitions, including recognizing and awarding best performances, we shall give millions of players a chance to excel, demonstrate their prowess, achieve self-actualization, generate unimaginable incomes, represent and put their countries on the  global map of champions, not to mention that through such games, competitions and festivals we promote peace and happiness within and across communities. Join us in doing what we can to deliver this wonderful agenda.

Target Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan.

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