Project 11

Creating and sustaining artisans’ jobs and incomes through handicrafts

Target Countries for collection of unique handicrafts: All East African Community (EAC) Countries namely: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Federal Republic of Somalia. (Gradually the project will be scaled up to other countries).   

Target Markets: Worldwide.


  • Establish a collection centre preferably a permanent Exhibition centre within the vicinities of Nairobi City in Kenya. Talent Search Foundation will endeavour to collect (purchase at reasonable prices) as many pieces of handicrafts as possible from the countries named above for display and re-sale. The more markets we open and supply, the more we will purchase more from the artisans and this will ensure constant flow of incomes to the artisans which by extension will empower them economically to feed and sustain their families. This permanent expo centre will become the launching pad for targeted exports to countries where we shall have established a marketing mechanism. The idea is to open up markets for artisans’ products (handicrafts) especially outside of the EAC region. Opening up these markets will ensure constant flow of sales by the Charity which in turn will purchase more from the artisans and the marketing channels remain flowing this stabilizing their incomes.
  • Research and participate in exhibitions across the world.
  • Carry out an awareness campaign about upcoming exhibitions targeting artisans, general public, key personalities/institutions, government and the media, invite exhibitors to register to have a stand at the exhibition.
  • Upload as many as possible artisans’ products (handcrafts) on an online market(s).
  • In the long term we also purpose to establish collection/expo centres in all the participating countries by working with local artisans and authorities to make aggregation easier.

Background Information

Wood-carvings, Stone crafts, Weaving, Beading, Pottery, Painting and Drawings are basically the works of persons with extraordinary skills and experience. They are just gifted to skilfully make these kinds of items.
The potential in these talents cuts across different communities and countries but it’s yet to be prudently exploited for the benefit of artisans. If assisted to access more markets, then these talented men and women
would turn our homes, offices, restaurants/clubs, parks and roads into beautiful sceneries. Unfortunately, that is not the prevailing situation. Many of these gifted artisans are rural-based and have little understanding of markets for their products. As a society we have failed our brothers and sisters who are in these arts. As a result, there isn’t much enthusiasm for many people to get involved in these arts or promote them by buying
the products or providing exhibition corners. This is what we aim to change gradually. Through concerted efforts we can help these artisans’ access exhibitions, access physical and online markets, access funding and
promote their products. The arrangements by the charity can range from organizing shops/expos owed or organized by the charity or working through partners, especially those already established in the trade. The
same can be furthered by prevailing upon institutions and individuals who occupy strategic positions to allow the distribution of these items in a win-win arrangement. There is so much we can do for these talents. We
can try to be a bit more creative to support them. Let’s begin.

Target Countries: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan (Gradually the project will be scaled up to other countries).  

Target Markets: Worldwide

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Budget for commencement of operations inclusive of establishment of the envisaged permanent expo centre in Nairobi (Kenya), including but not limited to acquisition/leasing of parcel of land, site development, Collection/purchase of initial stock of selected handicrafts, networking with artisans/handicrafts makers, logistics, networking with potential buyers (the market), commencement of exports, etc. is estimated to cost approximately 505,000 US Dollars.

***If this appeal has touched you individually or your organization or department of government or institution or private business, and you want to extend a hand of help financially, materially or even volunteer to participate and work with us, we invite you to contact us via the below contacts/Persons;

Talent Search Foundation

P.O. Box 2810-00200, Nairobi, Kenya

Charles K. M’RingineCEO, Talent Search 720 100 768 including on WhatsApp