Acting / Drama/ Movies talents

Programs include;

  • Developing and implementing mentorship programs for persons talented in painting and related arts.
  • Organizing drama/movies/poems competitions, shows and festivals.
  • Collaborate, follow-up and support for existing grassroots & national music and drama festivals, with special focus on finalists and how they can be supported to actualize their demonstrated talents in such festivals.
  • Seconding talented persons in Acting, drama, Movies, Poems, etc. for support.
  • Promoting upcoming talents in Acting, drama, Movies, Poems, etc.
  • Organizing exchange programs with national and/or international partners for persons talented in Acting, drama, Movies, Poems, etc.
  • Encourage acquaintances of persons across the world who are similarly talented in Acting / Drama/ Movies, and where necessary and possible the formation of, or if already existing join local, regional, national or international umbrella organizations or social and professional groups or online platforms to promote the growth of this talent.